Welcome! All are welcome! 

I’d like to offer you the warmest of welcomes to St. John’s. In the end, this is your church. Whether you’re new to the area, looking for a church community, or simply coming out of curiosity, you will find in St. John’s a group of people who are genuinely glad you’ve come. When I first arrived as priest, I was impressed – in fact, slightly surprised – to discover just how open and caring the people are here, both for one another and for those whom they’re just meeting. 

We know that walking through the doors of a church can be a big step for anyone. Please be assured there are no requirements to join in further than you’ll be comfortable doing, and there will be no pressure for you to do or know anything in particular. Whatever journey you may be on, I – and we – invite you to come at your own pace, enjoy our hospitality, and see if we may not find a place amongst us that’s shaped like you are. 

A Message from Father Will.

Rector of Beechwood Ministry Area and Parish Priest for St. John’s. 

I’ve got questions …

Who are you? Where are you?

We are the Church of St. John the Evangelist, the historic parish church Maindee in Newport. We are a part of the (Anglican) Diocese of Monmouth and a member of the Beechwood Ministry area, a grouping of six local churches in and around Newport and Caerleon. 

We are located at the corner of St. John’s Road (the stretch of road behind Eveswell School) and Kensington Place in Maindee.  Just walk up Kensington Place from Chepstow Road and you won’t miss us. 

Are my children welcome?

Oh, yes. Absolutely. We welcome human beings of all ages to our main worship service; we provide a small Sunday school and activities for young people right next door, if preferred; and we have young people in our choir, from primary age to secondary.  

Additionally, Father Will is a father to two and step-father to four in his own home. Whatever a kid might do in the service, we promise you:  he’ll be fine with it.  Kids learn by doing, and that includes church. 

What if I attend on my own? Will I feel left out?

We’ll do our best to ensure you don’t feel left out. It may be that you want to be left alone and quiet, in which case we’ll respect that. But it may be that you’re looking for some company and a friendly face, and we can provide that, too. We’ll do our best to take it at the pace you want to set. 

What about taking Holy Communion?

In the Church in Wales, the only requirement for taking Holy Communion is baptism with water in the name of the Father, Son, and Holy Spirit. That’s it. If you are a communicant member of your own church, you’ll be welcome at the altar here. Confirmation is not a requirement any more, nor should it be. 

If you feel unable for any reason to take communion, you are still most welcome to come forward with your hands folded to receive a blessing from the church. Whatever the case, let no one go away hungry for God’s love.  

Do I need to join anything?

Nope. There’s no pressure here. You may be invited to one of our events or social clubs, but you don’t have to come and no one will push you. 

You are welcome just to come to any service you please, and take it from there.  If you should wish to become a part of St. John’s in a formal way, you might eventually sign on to our Electoral Roll. But you can be one of us without doing that, and you can test the waters for as long as you like.  

Do I need to wear my “Sunday best”?

Dress codes here are not a thing.  Come as you are.  It’s that simple.

Can I just attend and sit quietly in the back?

Yep. Some of the best journeys start out just that way. 

(Truth be told, when Father Will isn’t leading a service, even now he just sits quietly in the back!)