Calling your banns 

Calling the banns is a legal procedure, ancient, and still in force, which has become a beloved part of the run-up to a British wedding. Calling or “publishing” your banns simply means that your intention to marry is announced in the main parish service for three weeks running. If one or both of you is not resident in the parish, you will also need to have banns called in your own parish church(es) – i.e., your parish of residence. 

If you are marrying here and both parents are resident anywhere within the Beechwood Ministry Area (Newport, east of the River Usk, and Caerleon), your banns will be set to be called automatically when you book your wedding. You need do nothing more. We normally call banns during the first three weeks of the month before the wedding. 

If you are marrying elsewhere, but live within the Beechwood Ministry Area, you can request that we read your banns by filling in the form below. After the final calling of your banns, you will need to collect a certificate to show the priest who will be presiding at your wedding. There is a £40 fee for this service (cash or card). 

There is no legal requirement for a couple to be present, but many families do enjoy coming along to hear them read. We can certainly assure you of a warm welcome. 

Let’s Get Your Banns Sorted