Introducing St. John’s

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The Choir

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Our Story

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Belonging before believing

Our promise is to welcome everyone  into the church. Whether you have an active faith, simple curiosity, or are searching for answers, you’ll be welcomed for exactly who you are and where you’re at. You’ll be loved and encouraged in your journey, with no expectations. Just come, be, and take it all at your own pace. 

“Ask and it will be given to you; seek and you will find” – Matthew 6:7. Our clergy offer a generous, inclusive welcome to any and all comers, and our people are genuinely warm. Maindee is a very diverse area of Newport, and our aim is to reflect that diversity truly and honestly in who we are as a congregation. At St. John’s, you are not only welcome, but  wanted

Do you need a prayer? Can we pray for you?

What’s on this week at St. John’s.

There’s usually something going on, from weekly and weekday worship, to social events, to faith discussions, to coffee, to special choral services. Keep an eye on this calendar to see what we’ve got going on. Come and join us in person, or even on YouTube

7 June 2023
  • St. John's. Midweek Mass.10:30

    Stay for coffee and a chat after. 🙂

  • St. John's. Local Church Council.18:00

8 June 2023
  • St. John's. Craft Group.14:00

    No experience required!

9 June 2023
  • St. John's. Choir Practice.18:30

11 June 2023
  • St. John's. Sunday Mass (Sung).10:45

13 June 2023
  • St. John's. Circle of Friendship.14:30

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Pastoral Services


The reading (or “publication”) of the banns of marriage is the announcement in church of a couple’s intention to marry, prior to the wedding. This ancient legal tradition, which is still in force, has become a beloved part of the build-up to church weddings in Britain. 

Weddings & Blessings

In the Church, we teach and believe that the joining of two human beings in a life-long commitment is, of itself, a holy and glorious thing, and it is our privilege at St. John’s to pray God’s blessing on your union and the family you are forming, however it looks.


Baptism involves a public declaration of one’s faith, together with prayer and the ritual pouring of water. Together, these three things mark a person’s membership in the Church and, more importantly, serve as a public declaration of God’s love for that person. 

Our Clergy

The Rev’d Dr. William Ingle-Gillis


The Rev’d Glen Wilkins

Parish Deacon

The Rev’d Keith Beardmore

Hon. Assistant Priest

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